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Q & A with Cathi Marcoly and Mary Alice Slattery

Q. How did you get together?
A. Cathi: Well, I was an aspiring designer who was completely impressed with Mary Alice’s work. I called her for advice on how to advance my career and much to my amazement she asked me to join her.
Mary Alice: I was the lucky one to find Cathi. I instantly recognized her talent and with my design business growing, I knew I needed someone with her energy! We’ve been a perfect match for almost 20 years.

Q. What makes you a great team?
A. Mary Alice: We’re like Yin and Yang. We totally complement each other. I love the design planning and Cathi has the great eye for detail.
Cathi: Yes, and some clients call me the “Energizer Bunny” and Mary Alice is the totally calming influence. That’s our great balance.

Q. What do you take most pride in?
A. Cathi: Definitely the relationships we build with our clients. We have done multiple jobs for clients, and are very proud that they continue to use us.
Mary Alice: And, almost all of our new projects are referrals from other clients. We love that because that means they are happy with what we did.

Q. What do you consider one of your strengths to be?
A. Mary Alice: We really pride ourselves in our resourcefulness. We have had some pretty crazy experiences… like getting an outdoor spa hoisted up to a third floor sun deck.
Cathi: Really, whatever the challenge is, we always find a solution, whether it’s logistical, like the spa, or a tricky design issue.

Q. What would you like others to say about CM Designs?
A. That what we do is about them, not us. That we deliver the best possible version of our client’s style. That we all had fun along the way.
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