Cathi just returned from an Alaskan vacation.  One of her favorite discoveries was a Father/Son team that makes amazing homes out of logs and other natural elements. 

Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-8Cathi loved the gems they make so much that we decided Alaska Log Structures was the perfect Made In America business to highlight on this Labor Day. 

Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-5Greg Anderson and his son Jordan Anderson, who by the way is a championship chainsaw log carver, own Alaska Log Structures.  While they are called Log “cabins”, Cathi calls them Log Gems. 

Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-6


Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-2


Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-1

The homes they design and build are amazing.   Every detail is unique, yet also perfection.

Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-7Be sure to check out the Alaska Log Structures website to learn more about these talented artisans. 

Cm-in-the-city made in america alaska log cabin-3



Watermelon Salad

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-DTLA-Interior-design-firmThe last days of summer has us thinking about watermelon.  We loved these 2 salads that feature watermelon as a main ingredient. Tomato watermelon with feta and almonds and Watermelon with basil, goat cheese and tomato


Drinking Your Watermelon

FW0709WBF05Food and Wine magazine curated a great list of drinks with watermelon.


End Of Summer Wines


Today show shared great wines under $20 to enjoy as the summer “wine’s” down. 


A Rotating House

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-DTLA-Interior-design-firm7Next Office is an famed architectural design firm in Tehran.  They recently designed a very smart home that rotates.  The design maximizes the natural light and provides great flexibility.  They are creative geniuses.


So Cal Storm Photos          

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-DTLA-Interior-design-firm-9We have been amazed by the waves this last week along our coast.  Here are some of the AP’s best photos of the week.


Made In America (music)

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-DTLA-Interior-design-firm-8Philadelphia has been hosting Jay Z’s Made In America concert since 2012.  We were just in Philly and saw the concert set-up beginning.  This will be LA’s first year hosting the same event.  Will you be going?  Here's the line-up from Spin Magazine.


Buy American Made

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-DTLA-Interior-design-firm6aIf you find it hard to find products made in America you will love this site. I buy American store has loads of companies listed and is super easy to use. 


Martha Stewart’s Challenge

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-DTLA-Interior-design-firm-5The team at Martha Stewart reviews nominated “Made In American” companies and votes for the best of the best.

Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!! ~ Cathi and Mary Alice


Just Peachy

CM in the city weekend musings grilled peach pizzaWith peach season in full swing, we were hunting for some new recipes.  Martha Stewart on-line put together a list of 31 peach recipes, and while all look good, we can’t wait to try the Grilled-Peach and Prosciutto Pizza.


Wine Tourist

CM in the city weekend musings wine regions of France interior design travelWine Enthusiast curated a great list of 11 travel destinations around the world where you can enjoy wonderful wines together with beautiful scenery. 


While You’re At The Grill

CM in the city weekend musings Grilled Peach CocktailWhy not grill a few extra peaches and try this Infused Bourbon recipe?  It looks like a great BBQ beverage.     


A Layered Design Plan

CM in the city weekend musings soho house chicago

Architectural Digest recently profiled the new SoHo House in Chicago.  A great example of layered designed. 


Cool Ride

CM in the city weekend musings vespa a style iconCathi is a big Vespa fan, as is her family.  They are fun to ride but they are also style icons.  Here is a bit of the history on how Vespa became so iconic, from


Surf Design

cm in the city weekend musings surfboard as designWe recently came across Dana Surfboards, a company that builds beautiful wood surfboards for décor.  These unique statement pieces could be the perfect addition to a family room, outdoor space or ….



We are excited to share some results of a recently completed project in Seal Beach, CA.  Here is a bit about the the dining room make over.

seal-beach-family-retreat-Makeover-front porchThis home was purchased a few months ago from a couple who had it custom designed and built it in 2004.  They clearly had a love of the Caribbean and the color blue.


Seal-beach-family-retreat-Diningroom-Makeover-BeforeIt was an explosion of the Caribbean.  There were blue on blue tones with big pops of bold color throughout.  

We established a design plan that would combine a traditional Americana beach decor with global decor elements in a neutral palette.  This allowed for a more restful environment that is both elegant and comfortable.


Here is a look at the finished design; a classic dining room with a Parisian flare.

Seal-Beach-family-retreat-diningroom-makeover-afterThe look started with the hunt for "comfortable" Parisian style bistro chairs.  It took a bit of sourcing and lots of sit testing, but finally found the perfect ones.   



We loved the idea of using different chairs for the host and hostess.  For this room we chose 2 classic French chairs in a matt black finish upholstered in a stunning off-white brushed linen fabric.


Diningroom-Makeover-cm-in-the-city-beach-house retreat-tableFor the farm table we worked with one of our brilliant craftsmen, designing a finish that brought out the red and tan colors through a distressing technique.  We loved how it turned out.  


We wanted the light fixture to be ceiling mounted with 2 lights that had tan linen barrel shades.  Like the comfortable bistro chairs, this proved hard to source.


Cathi found this lamp at Rejuvenation in Los Angeles and worked with our lighting team to modify the lamp to fit the design plan.   

Seal Beach Retreat by CM In The City diningroom lamp make over

 Another success:  This light worked perfectly in the room.


The final dining room design invites you to sit and enjoy both day and night.  From a croissant and a cup of coffee to a formal dinner party or a family style pasta dinner filled with laughter and good stories the new design embraces it all.


 To see more of our portfolio check out our profile on Houzz.




Simple Summer Yummy

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-Interior-design-firm3We loved Barefoot Contessa's simple Ice cream sandwich recipe.  Cathi’s sister Jennifer has been making her own version this summer with her classic chocolate chip cookies. Tip: spread a bit of peanut butter or nutella on the cookie.  


All American Beverage

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-Interior-design-firm-9Great list of the top 50 craft beers made in the USA curated by  Perfect for any summer gathering, including a fantasy football draft party.


Hosting An NFL Draft Party? has put together the essential guide to hosting your perfect fantasy football draft party.  A few recipes and good ideas.  


Speaking Of The Draft


Here is the list of the projected top 300 NFL players for the 2014 Fantasy Football Draft. 


Throw Like A Girl!


How exciting watching 13 year old Mo'Ne Davis pitch a two hit shutout at the Little League World Series.  Go girl go!  We are rooting for her.


Creative In Cotton


Cotton Bureau is an on-line platform where creative designers can upload a potential t-shirt design.   If enough people (typically 10) buy it they will produce it.  Quality is great, the prices are good and proceeds can be designated to a charity.   


Vegas Baby

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-Interior-design-firm-12As most of you know we recently attended the Las Vegas Design Market show.  Here are a few links to some of our Las Vegas musts.

We loved flying Virgin America, great service, prices and schedule.  Jet Blue from Long Beach is too too, but we really enjoyed Virgin American and Terminal 3 in Las Vegas.

The rooftop pool bar at Marriott's Grand Chateau, has great views, great drinks and less chaos.  What's not to love?

The Cromwell is the first boutique hotel to open in Las Vegas.  Beautiful and relaxing.  It is also home to Giada's new (and first) restaurant.

Restaurants are too many to mention, but it is safe to say the days of the buffet jokes about Las Vegas are over.


Restoration Love

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-Interior-design-firm4Wonderful restoration/reclamation video from Restoration Hardware chronicling the teamwork to persevere a historic building and design a store that mirrors their company values.


Blog Catch Up

CM-In-The-City-Weekend-Musings-Interior-design-firm-6Classic dining room with a Parisian flare.  The first in a series of our recently completed project in Seal Beach, CA. 




   Is Your Garden Overflowing

This is the perfect time to consider canning some of your garden’s bounty.  We loved this recipe for basil-garlic-tomato sauce and this one for tomatoes.



   Speaking Of In Season

This is also the season for Cantaloupe and we loved this curated list by Yummly of cantaloupe drinks and cocktails.



   Beach Picnic Anyone?

 Point Dume, Malibu made the Dream Plan Go's list of America's best picnic beaches.  We agree.    



   We Love Uber

If you have not already signed up for Uber, here is a little motivation.  New Uber signups get their first ride for free up to $30.00 with this Promo.



   Bring Plants In

Great list curated by Apartment Therapy, of the top hard to kill houseplants.



   Brooklyn in 1974 

 Fantastic photos shot by Danny Lyon in Brooklyn from 1974.  This is a wonderful look back.    



   The Apparently Kid 

  By now you might have seen this video, but he makes us smile so we thought we would share.  Wonder what his Grandpa’s Powerball numbers are?





   Creative Copy Cat

  Very funny teenager came up with the idea to recreate celeb photos.  Check out his instagram page.



   Culturally Stunning 

Looking for something to do on a summer day?  Consider a visit to the Getty Villa in Malibu.  They have wonderful exhibits year round but the gardens in the summer are lovely.




   Wonderful Summer Salad 

Bon Appétit’s summer salad recipe is perfect if your garden is overflowing with tomatoes.  It combines roasted onion, lemon and a few other simple ingredients to make this yummy salad.




Summer Sangria 

   Martha Stewart shared a great summer fruit Sangria recipe on line.



   Surf’s Up

10 vintage surfing photos put together by     



   Surf Town USA

Once again Huntington Beach is hosting the US Surf Open.  You can catch the finals this weekend.



   Designing A New Board

The creative L.A. based design team at West of West Aero designed this surfboard. It is on display at the Architecture and Designs Museum of LA.



   Perfect Beach Picnic 

If you are heading to H.B. for the Surf Open we love Jan's Health Bar in Downtown H.B. for lunch. 



   Like A Dog With A Bone 

You know those dogs that beg you to play fetch?  Well this adorable dog takes the cake.




   Berries Make It Better 

 Martha Stewart Living shared this recipe for Strawberry, Basil, and Honey Punch.  We can’t wait to try it this summer.



    Presto Pesto 

Tips for making the perfect pesto from Bon Appétit on line.



   Harvard Goes Cake  

   Harvard graduates have reinvented cake baking with Spray Cake.  We are not 100% on board with this one, but it seems a bit ingenious. 



   California Cool 

Conde Nast Traveler has assembled a list of great California Hotels.  .


    Hercules Has A Fanny Pack

What’s more attractive than a good-looking person with a great sense of humor about himself or herself?   Check out The Rock and his Throwback Thursday fanny pack.   



   Kate Spade Smart Business 

Kate Spade's On Purpose program supports creative women helping them build their businesses and providing a market place to sale their fabulous creations. 



   Ever Want To Have A Tantrum?


What if an adult acted like a toddler?



We loved this video showing exaggerated or made up fouls and flops.  It was done for World Cup but could just as easily be about Basketball.      




   CM Blog Catch Up

Los Angeles Without Traffic From Creative Film Maker Russell Houghten 




Russell Houghten, a creative filmmaker and skateboard enthusiast, has put together an amazing video showing life in L.A. without traffic.  

Urban Isolation from Russell Houghten on Vimeo.

Making it even more special, he donates his proceeds to LA County Animal Shelters. To learn more about Russell and see his portfolio check out his website.  You can also buy prints of the these iconic L.A. scenes without traffic on his website.

We love it!

Here is how to view in full screen on Vimeo.


We love it!!




   Wine Summer Favs put together a list of wine favorites found by their writers last month.


lemongrasschickensauvignonblanc 005


   Cakebread Recipe Share 

 One of our favorite wineries (both for their wines and to visit) is Cakebread.  In this video Cakebread's winemaker and chef get together to share a perfect summer pairing.



   Outdoor Style

   It is amazing what the addition of the addition of a few planters can do for your yard.  The only RULE is to pick a design that fits your home’s style.



   Things You Forget You Know

We loved these simple reminders of 10 basic truths that if remembered and put into practice, will change your life.



   Yoga Funny

   A Huff Post compilation of yoga videos that are interrupted by pets. 



   Tween Hero 

   Robby Elmers is an inspiring young man from Detroit.  He saw a need, and not only figured out how he could help, but got others to join him.



   Late Night Laughs 

Conan explores the app Tinder with Dave France.

Jimmy Kimmel's hysterical Baby Bachelor series.

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey sing Talk Dirty To Me.



   CM In Print 

The July Issue of DTLA Life (we’re on page 48)




    CM Blog Catch Up

Dinner at Faith and Flower

New England Beach Property Crush 




We have a crush on Katharine Hepburn’s stunning family home... and guess what?  It’s for sale! 


cm-in-the-city-Interior-Design-FirmMiss Hepburn’s family built this house for $2,400 in 1912 and again after it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1939 for about $300,000.  It is now listed for sale at a cool $14,000,000 (down from $28,000,000) so we guess it’s a bargain.


The kitchen is charming and we would not change much in this room. The expansive farm sink, massive island with seating are just a few reasons why. 


cm-in-the-city-Interior-Design-FirmThey did a lovely job on the entry.  We love the layout of the 3 staircases.  A few new area rugs and and our house crush continues.





cm-in-the-city-Interior-Design-FirmWe love the way the house takes full advantage of the stunning views.  Rooms such as the dining porch and the master bedroom and bath are a few great examples. 


While we would update the master bedroom, most likely we would keep the same feel, as it seems so serene.


cm-in-the-city-Interior-Design-FirmUse this link to learn more or contact the agent for a private showing.


We recently discovered a wonderful restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles named Faith and Flower and have gone back several times.  Each experience has been fantastic.  


Let's start with the decor:

Every detail has been clearly thought through by the design team at AvroKODesign.  From the cutlery to the art no detail was missed.   






 We were especially delighted by the way they present the menu and at the end of dinner, the check.  


Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-17The menu is an actual book complete with a story.  The satin marker marks the page where the menu begins.

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-15The check is presented in a glass and brass shadow box.  How fun to end the meal an unexpected touch.  

Everything we have ordered on each visit has been amazing.  This night we remembered to bring the camera so we could take a few photos to share.

As everything looked so good we decided to make our own tasting menu and share several items.  

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-4The photo barely does justice to the amazing Crab Toast.  

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-12A perfectly seared Scallop with Asparagus and a white bean puree.

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-6Lovely and delicious, a salad of golden beets, garden peas, goat cheese and more.

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-11Oxtail Agnolotti, amazing!

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-18Ceviche with house made potato chips.  The Ceviche was so light you felt it balanced the calories of the potato chips.  At least that is what we told each other.

We loved our desert so much that we ate every bite before we even thought about photos, but trust us, it too was fabulous.  

One of their many secret weapons:  Faith and Flower has as their Wine Director, Jared Hooper.  


He is one of the best we have ever met.  He has the ability to suggest the absolute perfect wine:   Often, it is one we have never heard of.  

Faith-And-Flower-Design-Delicious-16This wine was a Sonoma County Chardonnay from The Wonderland Project.  It was "wonderful" and the cork was super cute.


We hope you get a chance to dine at Faith and Flower soon.  When you do, please share your thoughts in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you.




   Cocktails Anyone? 

   We can’t wait to try the Barefoot Contessa’s new drink recipe for a Limoncello Tom Collins.



    Summer Treat Throwback


Remember how much you enjoyed a popsicles on a hot summer day?  Epicurious does and put together a how to guide. 


    World Cup Yum 

   With the World Cup final on Sunday it might be the perfect time to fire up the BBQ for some Argentinian Beef and   chimichurri sauce from Chow on line or if Germany is your team how about this recipe for dark beer marinated chicken?



   Try Before You Buy

   L’Oreal Paris has developed a fun (and useful) app, Make Up Genius, that lets you try various make up looks and colors before you buy them.  It is very addictive.   



   Binge Watching Is The New Guilty Pleasure?

  We love shows like Orange Is The New Black, True Detective, Jimmy Fallon and more.  It was great to see they were recognized with an Emmy nomination.



   Cutest Example Of Courage Ever? 

  Little  Kayden Kinckle captured our hearts this week with his “can do” attitude and encouragement to his Mom.  It’s a bit hard to complain about anything after you watch this little champ.



   Designing Summer Inspiration 

If your travels bring you to the Hamptons this year consider visiting the annual Designer Show House.  The Show House benefits Southhampton hospital and begins July 20th.



   Summer Movie Loving put together a great list of where to watch outdoor movies in LA this summer.


   Beautiful Music 

 2 Cellos is a unique musical duo.  They are as talented as they are handsome.



   Cocktails Anyone?


  Do you have left over watermelon from yesterday’s festivities?  You might want to put it to good use with this watermelon gin fizz recipe.



    Summer Fried Chicken


If you are considering making fried chicken for a Sunday dinner or to bring to a picnic, you might want to try Alex Hitz's recipe. Here is a link to a video from Southern Living with Alex.



   Nothing To Wine About


   Total wine & More has put together a great list of summer wines under $15.00.   A friend loves Rose and we found a great dry Rose at Trader Joe’s named La Ferme Julien for only $5.99. 



   Uber Happy


We are big fans and frequent users of Uber, and are very pleased to see Uber has been cleared to operate in London.



   Modern Goes Retro


If you are a fan of vintage typewriters we have the perfect “Kickstarter” for you.  Qwerkytoys has developed an iPad/computer keyboard that looks like a vintage typewriter.



   Camping Anyone?


   While we may not be big campers ourselves, we know many of you are.  Here are some very inventive ideas to improve your next camping trip from  



   Alaskan Summers


   Ever consider visiting Alaska by Train?  This video from the Travel Channel makes us want to book our tickets.   



   Garden for Good


Carson Daly talks with L.A. resident Ron Finley on fighting childhood hunger.  




   CM in Print


We are so pleased to have our article featured in the June edition of DTLA Life Magazine.






   BBQ and Berries


Food Network has assembled a list of Fourth of July classic recipes.




     Red, White & Blue Booze


Fourth of July layered cocktail and infused vodkas by Mix That Drink. 



    Make a list and check it twice


Biz Bash has some very useful checklists for planning any big event.   Questions to ask your caterer, venue and more.



   Summer Wedding Back Up Plan

    If you are planning an outdoor wedding consider adding a tent.  A tent offers protection from the elements and makes any event more spectacular.  



   Surf’s Up

   The design firm Ammunition has designed beautiful surfboards in collaboration with surfboard builder Jason Tilley.



   Floating Commerce


   If your summer travels have you heading to any of these locations be sure to check out their local floating market.  



   Colorful Candy


   Add a pop of color or a  monotone display to your summer event or wedding..



   Wedding Inspirations


   From the queen of all things Weddings, Martha Stewart has put together the ultimate wedding inspiration boards on weddings.



A few of Cathi and Mary Alice's favorites from day one of this weekends Dwell On Design.





  Cool Clocks

  We loved this unique take on a wall clock by Twelve 24.  The clocks hang by a specially designed hook, but they are just as cute leaning on a bookshelf. 




   An Eye For Art 

  Lisa Swerling has put together a series of brilliant tiny worlds.  We loved them all, some favorites were The Green, Dance Me and Circus California.



   Classically California Art

  Wood Snap is a Southern California company that specializes in bringing your images to life on wood.   



   Airstream 2 Go

 One of the fun parts of the CM In The City partnership is our differences.  The Airstream 2 Go  exhibit is a perfect example:  Cathi thought it was the perfect balance of posh and outdoors and was excited to learn more.  Mary Alice's response, "Camping? Cathi... Really?" 



   Small Place Fire Place

Cocoon has some really interesting and cool (pun intended) options for installing a fireplace in a smaller floor plan.



   The Sky’s The Limit  

   Ever been on a flight and thought those beverage serving carts could have other uses?  Well, My Sky Cart did, and we love what they came up with. Take a peek.



   Under my Unbrella brella brella 

  If you follow us you know we are big fans of Sunbrella fabrics.  They had their icon collection on display.  The rich colors could make the perfect summer pop of color for your home or patio. 



   That’s A Some Pizza Pie! 

  Dwell on Design had a large area dedicated to outdoor spaces.  Kalamazoo caught our eye for their outdoor kitchens and we loved the pizza oven.



  Much More To Share 

  We had such a good first day at Dwell on Design.  So much so, that we could not share it all in one musings. Stay tuned for more next week on great lighting, new appliances, and this years hot inventions for the home.  


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