40 Cocktails & Counting   

M In The City's Weekend musings Holiday editionWhether you are hosting a party or looking for a fun cocktail to enjoy by the fire this holiday season you will find great options in this list of cocktails curated by The Food Network.  


The Feast Is On

CM In The City's Weekend  musings Holiday edition 4Bon Appétit’s holiday survival guide is a great go to resource for everything from food ideas to music and holiday movies and gifts. 


A Little Vegan Love

CM In The City's Weekend musings Holiday edition 6More and more we find we have a Vegan or two attending a party we are hosting.  Being ever-gracious hosts :) we of course want everyone to have something yummy to enjoy.  Which is why we loved this recipe from Love and Lemons for a vegan artichoke dip.


For The Love Of Latkes

CM In The City Weekend Musings Holiday EditionThese holiday favorites we actually enjoy any time of the year are potato latkes.  Here is Bon Appétit’s guide to the perfect crispy latkes.


Designing A List Of Books

M In The City's Weekend musings Holiday edition 9Remodelista has curated a list of great design books for the design enthusiast.  If you are still looking for a gift for a stylish friend, you are sure to find a book they will enjoy on this list.


Gift Guide 4 Design

M In The City's Weekend musings Holiday edition 7Dwell has curated a list of last minute design gifts.  Most can be ordered today and received by Christmas.


Check Out Those Cheeks  

CM In The City's Weekend  musings Holiday editionPrince William’s new photos in his holiday jumper (sweater).  Adorable!


Oh Christmas Tree O…      

CM In The City's Weekend  musings Holiday edition 2How fun is Pinterest?  Looking for a new way to have a Christmas tree? Pinterest is a great place to get inspired (for just about anything).


A Little Happy To Share    

A labradoddle comforts another dog having a bad dream. 

CM In The City's Weekend  musings Holiday edition 3Funny or Die brings Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman back (in a Breaking Bad kind of way) 

Here are a few more song parody videos from the Holderness family that made us laugh. 

Parody of Frozen Do you want to build a snowman?, Do you want to have some broccoli?, the video that started it all when they were stuck in traffic and their original Christmas Jammies video from last year.



Raising The Bar    

CM In The City Weekend Musings Interior Design 7Entertaining for the holidays?  You might find Martha Stewart’s guide to set up and stock a bar very helpful.  


The Feast Is On

CM In The City Weekend Musings Interior Design 2Sara Sarna shared a yummy make ahead breakfast muffin for the holidays.  These easy to make Cranberry Orange muffins are as easy as they are pretty.  We also thought her choice of muffin cups was perfect.


You Had Us At Salted Butter 

CM In The City Weekend Musings Interior Design 3We loved this recipe for Salted Butter Apple Galette from Bon Appétit.  It could be perfect for dessert or as a breakfast treat, and Bon Appétit’s has made it super easy to prepare with their step-by-step instructions.


Finding The Perfect Something For That Special Someone

CM In The City Weekend Musings Interior Design 4Domaine Home online magazine curated a large gift buying guide to help you find that perfect unique gift.   One of our fav’s are these soap stone tray’s pictured above.


Design, Dining & More (digital too)

CM In The City Weekend Musings Interor Design 1Lonny Magazine is one of our favorites.  The November issue is their Entertaining and Food issue.  The issue includes trends, 10 tips on New England design style, gift guides and more.


A Little Happy & Hope To Share 

CM In The City Weekend Musings Interior Design 6Here are a few of the videos that made us cry happy tears or laugh out loud this week.

Wonderful police officers deliver the Christmas spirit to a family in need.

Text Me Merry Christmas from Straight No Chaser featuring Kristen Bell is sure to become a holiday classic.

The Holderness family has done it again with another great video.

Fantastic timely song sure to be a holiday classic.... Text Me Merry Christmas

Junior the French Bulldog sings with his owners.



Morning Cheers      

Weekend Musings CM In The CityFood and Wine put together a great list of classic brunch cocktails.  Perfect for any holiday gathering.


Breakfast Winners

Weekend Musings CM In The City.4If you are entertaining over the holiday’s you might want to check out some of these great breakfast menu options from Sussle.org.


Cinnamon, Chocolate & Banana’s Oh My

Weekend Musings CM In The City.10Cathi found this recipe for an easy and unique coffee cake for the holidays.


A Proper Prank

Weekend Musings CM In The City.9You might remember the heartwarming pay it forward prank from last year where a waitress had a dream day.  This year Prank It FWD topped their selves with this amazing day of surprises for a deserving Mom of 3.


Shake Up Holiday Basics  

Weekend Musings CM In The City.Instead of a traditional sweet potato dish how about trying this recipe for sweet potato crème brulle?


Prep Planning

Weekend Musings CM In The City.6From planning a basic Thanksgiving to spatchcocking a turkey Bon Appetite has you covered.  Here is their timeline for Thanksgiving prep.


Slip Knot 

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 9.11.51 AMDo you crochet or knit?  If you are considering learning how to crochet or would like to learn new techniques: A Beautiful Mess website is a great resource. 


36 Hours


Weekend Musings CM In The City.2We have been fans of the New York Times 36 Hours travel series for a while, but with their recent addition of videos it has become a trip planning resource must.


What To Do

Weekend Musings CM In The City.7From purples to pumpkins and everything in-between HGTV has put together an inspiring list of Thanksgiving table settings.


Hosting Holiday Guests?

Weekend Musings CM In The City.11We wrote an article for DTLA Life, A Digital Magazine on Designing Great Guest Spaces.  It begins on page 38. 




Turkey Wine Parings         

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 5Food and Wine put together a slideshow on wine parings for Thanksgiving 2014.   We are not sure which we like more.  The great wines under $15 or the fabulous recipes they shared…..


The Feast Is On

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 1Bon Appétit’s put together a Thanksgiving Feast for 2014 


Basic Brilliance 

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 8Ina Garten is the best at sharing the perfect recipe for classic dishes.  Here is her pumpkin pie recipe.


Promo Code Love

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 4Blogger Sarah Sarna shared some shopping tips including promo codes for great sales today, November 16th.  It seems from the news reports that the best deals are before black Friday.


Space Matters

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 2Being loft design specialists we love sharing smart storage ideas like this blog from Domainhome.com


Forks On The Left…           

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 3

Do you enjoy designing and setting your holiday table like we do?  From casual farm table to formal skirted tables we love them all.  Emilypost.com is the ideal reference if you are helping the next generation learn where to put the salad fork vs. the dessert fork. 



 A Good Chuckle

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 11One of Cathi’s favorite videos this week.


Pie Pie Pie 

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 8 9Time Out put together a list of great places to pick up a pie or two for Thanksgiving dinner.  We want to try all of them.

What To Do

CM In The City Weekend Musings on Thanksgiving recipes wine design 10We have not made this Pumpkin Butter yet but hope to for holiday breakfast gatherings this year.  It looks yummy.


Falling For Wine Values

CM In The City WEekend Musings 5

Food and Wine's Ray Isle put together a list of 5 fail-safe California value wines. 


Brunch Bestie

CM In The City WEekend Musings 7

Bon Appétit’s recipe of the day:  The perfect one pot brunch dish for the upcoming busy holiday season.  Check out this recipe for Portuguese Baked Eggs.


Desert Super Moon

CM In The City WEekend Musings 3

Photographer Tom Blachford put together some of his amazing moonlight shots.  We love the mid-century houses he selected for this project.  Check out these and more of his work at tomblachford.com   


Not Your Mother’s Thrift Shop

CM In The City WEekend Musings 9If your travels take you to NYC, schedule some shopping on the eastside at The Society Boutique.   The perfect combination: Great bargains in a wonderful environment and for a great cause.  What more could a girl want?


Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

CM In The City WEekend MusingsIf you miss the days of homemade Halloween costumes and you love Frozen as much as Cathi does you might want to try your hand at making one of these Elsa costume featured on Huff Post Home.


Falling For ColorCM In The City WEekend Musings 1If you are considering a weekend trip to explore and enjoy the fall foliage, here are a couple of great resources to track peak visit time.  The National Parks Service is a great source and several of their parks have live webcams to check out the leaves. 

Smokingmountains.com is another great source with lots of local area tips.


Cash Is Always Cool

CM In The City WEekend Musings 4Cathi found this video of a group singing Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.  




Time To Make The Donuts

CM In The City Weeked Musings 2Fun SnapGuide on making Pumpkin donuts..


More Pumpkin Love

CM In The City Weeked Musings 1

If donuts are not your thing, how about this delicious looking make-ahead Pumpkin cream cheese french toast.


We'll Always Have Paris

CM In The City Weeked Musings 3

We love Paris and we really loved this Eagle eye flight over Paris with a GoPro.  


A Very Deep Sleep

CM In The City Weeked Musings 4

Checkout this German Shepherd waking up from a very deep sleep.  Looks familiar to us. 


Not So Dirty Dancing

CM In The City Weeked Musings 5         

Have you seen this video yet? ?  We loved it almost as much as Charlie loves Patrick Swayze, 

More Historic Core

CM In The City Weeked Musings 6

It seems everyday there are fantastic new places to explore in Downtown Los Angeles.  Pete's in the Historic Core is another one.


Information Is Power

CM In The City Weeked Musings 8

Great piece Architectural Digest put together on the 10 questions to ask your Contractor. 



Well Hello Mr. Adams      

CMinthecty.weekend musing 7Sauver.com shared this recipe for the Mr. Adams cocktail it’s made with apple cider. Looks refreshing and so very seasonal. 


Apple Time!

CMinthecty.weekend musing 4Bon Appétit shared some thoughts on various apple types.  Is Honeycrisp a must try or overrated?  Some great links to recipes too.


Fall Veggie How To 

CMinthecty.weekend musing 3Kitchn.com shared their 12 fall vegetables you should know how to cook.  We loved this seasonal reminder of the bounty that awaits us at our local Farmer’s market.


A Swinging Good Time 

CMinthecty.weekend musing 5Perhaps not good timing with our draught in California, but this waterfall swing looks like it would take you right back to childhood (until you had to drive home with wet clothes and hair).


What 2.5 Mil Can Get You

CMinthecty.weekend musing 6Ferrari unveiled it's F60 America this week in Beverly Hills.  The good news is for 2.5 million you get a convertible. 


Fall Design Tips     

1440 Venezia & LondonCostal Living on-line shared fall decorating design tips.  We love the ideas of adding quilts and throws and modifying fresh cuts flowers.


Lights, Camera, Road Trip

CMinthecty.weekend musing 2Movie/Travel buffs will enjoy checking out these lists of famous movie locations around the USA put together by Curbed.com. 





Smashing Cocktail 

CM In The City Weekend Musigns whisky smashIf you are a fan of Maker's Mark you will love this recipe for a whisky smash.   We think it is the perfect transitional drink from summer to fall. 


Change of Season Salad     

CM In The City Weekend Musings Pear saladLoved this pear salad with Meyer lemon vinaigrette posted this week by damndelicious.net.


Manhandling a Mango 

CM In The City Weekend Musings Mango SmartsIf you love mangos, this will change your life.  Katie Quinn shares this video and lots of other great tips on her You Tube site.


You Poked My Heart

CM In The City Weekend Musings Poked my HeartFuture meteorologists discuss (let's be real), argue as to whether it is sprinkling or raining?  You can see the one sister is going to be trouble.


Great Graphics

CM In The City Weekend Musings Great graphicsAs our regular readers know, we love talented artists.  Sean Tulgetske designs great art and lettering.  We especially like the way he thinks.  “Enjoy The Process” “Blessings” “Remember Why You Started” and More.


The Changing View Of Women    

CM In The City Women in Western Art500 years of female portraits in western art put together by Phillip Scott Johnson.  We found it mesmerizing.  


Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2015

CM In The City Weekend Musings Pantone report 2015We have learned over the years that interior design trends are closely connected to fashion trends.  On the heels of NYC fashion week Pantone has put together their spring summer fashion trend report. 


Texas Design Crush

CM In The City Weekend Musings Texas DesignDering Hall published a blog on this Texas country home by architect Michael G Imber.  Cathi loved everything about the home especially the master bedroom design and the various ceilings, including barrel ceilings used throughout the residence. 



Olives to Cupcakes

CM In The City Weekend Musings Olives

Clouds No 8  is an on-line magazine by Lithuanian food bloggers who offer an eclectic mix of recipes and beautiful photos.


Cocktails LA Style

CM In The City Weekend WP 24 Cocktails and moreWhen in Downtown Los Angeles and looking for a place to eat with a view, consider WP-24:  A Wolfgang Puck restaurant, we love at the Ritz Carlton hotel.  They offer wonderful small bites and great cocktails.   


Dorm Room DIY

CM In The City Weekend Dorm Room DIYMost of the college kids are all moved in by now, but if someone needs a bit more storage, this DIY project is super cute.  You can make a few of them and stack for a bedside table that has lots of extra storage space.


Loft Love

 CM In The City Weekend Loft Love

Kirsten Dunst shared photos of her cool SoHo Loft with Architectural Digest.   The really cool part is that you can rent it... dot dot dot... for $12,500 a month.


The Kitchen (TV Show)    

CM In The City Weekend The KitchenAre you fans of Food network's weekend show The Kitchen?  This weekend's show is all about fall. 


Jimmy Fallon

CM In The City Weekend MusingsWe think Jimmy Fallon is amazingly talented and always love his show (although we DVR it and watch it in the morning).  Only Jimmy could get Babs to play like this.



Fish Taco How To 

CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-1Fish Taco’s are a staple in Southern California.  There are fantastic versions in every city, but when you want to make them on your own check out Bon Appétit’s How To Guide.


Red Wine Mix-Up

CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-10Have you ever-blended your own wine? Cathi’s family had a fun wine blending party last night.  Everyone had a great time.  If you want to host your own wine blending party here is the kit they used.


Video Fav Of The Week


CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-5We flipped over this video of a baby jamming to Katy Perry.  You will find yourself replaying it over and over. 


Apple Picking Time

CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-9Trying to decide if the new Apple watch is a must have, or if it is time to upgrade?  Here is what one of our favorite Apple experts has to say.


Life Hack Brilliance          

CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-7We have all seen a lot of life hacks recently, but Tripp and Tyler at Make Life Better, raise life hacking to a new level.  They are funny, and they share a few original hacks too.


Creative Design is always inspiring

CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-3Creative design is always inspiring.  Check out this genius engagement ring box designed  by Andrew Zo, designed to look like a wallet.


Fall Into Modernism

CM-in-the-city weekend-musings-2Tickets are on sale now for Modernism week in Palm Springs.  This year’s Fall event, "Aloha Modernism Week", is October 10th to 13th.


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